Employer FAQ


What are the benefits of using Habeas Corp. for my firm or legal department?

Habeas Corp. allows you to connect directly with attorneys from the top firms in the country and significantly reduce your recruiting costs. Not only can you meet attorneys actively searching for opportunities, you can also use our database of 150,000 lawyers to pinpoint passive candidates with the expertise you need.

How do I get started?

Request an invite on our home page or send an email to team@habeascorp.com. A member of our team will reach out to get you set up.


Lawyer FAQ


What are the key benefits of using Habeas Corp.?

1) No middlemen. You'll be dealing directly with the people doing the hiring.

2) Info upfront. Chat with hiring managers and lawyers and get inside details about the role and the group.

3) No-risk submissions. No more sending out resumes to inactive job listings or roles that aren't a fit.


Is Habeas Corp. just for lawyers actively looking to move?

No, Habeas Corp. can be used by any lawyer looking to hear about new opportunities from employers. Many Habeas Corp. users are not actively seeking new roles, but want employers to be able to reach them in case the right opportunity arises.


How do you maintain my privacy?

Joining Habeas Corp. is confidential and we'll only show your profile to a hiring manager or hiring attorney at the employers you've selected. If an employer is not interested in you, your profile is hidden from them. 


How do I match with employers?

After receiving your invite, fill out your preferences and create your private profile. Select the employers you're interested in. When there's mutual interest from an employer, you'll be matched and placed in a private chat with a hiring manager or lawyer from that firm or legal department.


What happens once I match?

Once you match, you’ll be able to chat on the site or through email with the hiring manager or lawyer who matched with you. They'll be happy to share info about opportunities and answer questions or hop on a call. If you end up wanting to apply, they'll guide you through that process too. At that point, Habeas Corp. team members can also help you review your resume, help you prepare for interviews, and advise you on the hiring process.


Why is it better to meet employers on Habeas Corp. than to go through a headhunter? 

The people you're meeting on Habeas Corp. are those in charge of hiring, not middlemen.  They are here because they value direct connections with candidates and want to be able to give you greater insight into the roles they're hiring for. They'll also be able to guide you through the hiring process better than anyone else. 

I never signed up. Why are firms are reaching out to me through Habeas Corp.?

Firms use Habeas Corp. not only to connect with active lawyers on the site, but to conduct targeted searches of lawyers with the backgrounds they seek. By using our database of lawyers (150,000 lawyer profiles generated from public information), employers are able to pinpoint the attorneys most likely to be a fit for their practice/department and reach out. If a firm reached out to you before signing up, it is because they reviewed your background on this profile and wanted to get in touch.


How do I get access to Habeas Corp.?

There are several ways to get access: 1. When an employer reaches out to you directly through the site (see above); 2. By receiving an invite from us; or 3) by requesting an invite on our home page. We are currently inviting lawyers from top firms and companies with practice areas in-demand by our partner firms and companies