Habeas Corp. helps businesses work together to identify the best outside counsel. 


Our emerging network of in-house counsel, executives, and legal operations professionals collaborate to “crowdsource” top lawyers for any need. Members leave reviews of attorneys they’ve worked with and search for attorneys recommended by their peers. Members can also anonymously post questions to the community and ask the community for referrals. 


Outside counsel win new business on Habeas Corp. by sharing their experience and expertise with the client community and by demonstrating excellence through client reviews.


Habeas Corp. is currently in beta. We encourage lawyers and clients who want to be involved to sign up and get early access.



Our Mission


Habeas Corp.’s mission is to level the playing field for lawyers and clients.


Today, we use an outdated, clubby process to select outside counsel. We choose lawyers that we know or that our friends happen to know. It’s not irrational; with an industry as opaque and mysterious as law, these are the lawyers we can trust and rely on. And yet, we are certainly not getting the most capable, effective, or deserving lawyer for every matter.


What has been lacking from the legal industry is an industry-wide system of record of lawyers and their quality. With such a system of record pooling information on lawyers from across the legal and client communities, we could start to make objective, merit-based decisions about outside counsel. We could hold lawyers accountable who fail to deliver, while helping the best lawyers succeed and grow.


We’ve seen the legal industry up close, as clients on corporate and litigation matters and as friends and family of lawyers at large and small firms. We know the frustrations on all sides and we know there is a better way. Habeas Corp. was built to help us get there.



Our Team


Habeas Corp. was founded by a team of legal technology executives and engineers in San Francisco and New York. The team previously founded the legal industry's leading recruiting platform.