Habeas Corp. is a professional network for the legal industry.


We believe that when the industry is connected, clients benefit, great lawyers benefit, and legal services are delivered more efficiently.


With Habeas Corp. companies seeking outside counsel can tap into a network of clients and peers to identify the attorneys most recommended for a range of legal needs. Habeas Corp. also helps outside counsel find new clients by sharing their expertise and successes with our network of in-house counsel and corporate executives.


Habeas Corp. is currently in beta. In June 2018, we launched our first product: a powerful lawyer directory where users can search 60,000+ attorneys by expertise, clients, accolades, and more. In coming months, we will launch new features that allow clients to share their knowledge of outside counsel with one another, and help clients and outside counsel connect.

Who We Are

Habeas Corp. was founded by a team of legal technology executives and engineers in San Francisco and New York. The team previously founded the legal industry's leading recruiting platform.