Habeas Corp. brings transparency and efficiency to legal hiring.

Law firms and companies use Habeas Corp. to find and connect with top lawyers across the country, without needing a headhunter. 

Because there is no middleman, lawyers can hear about new opportunities and get the information they need upfront -- before going through a formal application process. When a lawyer is ready to apply, we help them prepare their submission materials, prepare for interviews, and negotiate their offers (i.e. everything that’s part of a successful hiring process). 

Habeas Corp. is currently invite-only. In order to join, lawyers must be invited by an employer. Employers choose who to invite using a database containing publicly-available information on lawyers as well as employers’ own internal data. If you’d like to know if you are findable on Habeas Corp., you can request an invite on our homepage and we’ll be in touch.

Our Story

We’re a team of lawyers, legal recruiters, and engineers who saw up close how the industry works (we previously founded a leading recruiting company) and understands how technology can improve the legal hiring process. 

In the current headhunter model of recruiting, lawyers rarely get credible, detailed information about roles early in the hiring process. But what if firms and companies could share information with candidates upfront, before they apply? What if employers did not have to rely on headhunters to get candidates in the door, but could connect directly with talented lawyers?

With this in mind, we started building Habeas Corp. in 2018. In the summer of 2019, we began testing it with select firms in the Bay Area. The platform was an immediate success, connecting firms with top candidates for a variety of roles. We are now expanding across the country.