Habeas Corp. helps companies work together to find the right outside counsel for any need. 


Members of Habeas Corp. (in-house counsel, executives, and legal operations professionals) can search for attorneys recommended by their peers and review the attorneys they’ve worked with in the past. The Habeas Corp. database contains over 120,000 lawyers, searchable by expertise, cost, clients, awards, firms, firm type, and client reviews. 

Outside counsel can win new business on Habeas Corp. by sharing their experience and expertise with the client community.


Habeas Corp. is currently in beta. We encourage lawyers and clients to sign up for early access.



Our Mission

Habeas Corp.’s mission is to level the playing field for lawyers and clients.


Today, picking a lawyer for your company is overwhelmingly done through word of mouth. But when word of mouth is not enough, there is no industry-wide system of record on lawyers to turn to. By creating a central platform to pool information on lawyers, companies will finally be able to make objective, merit-based decisions about all the outside counsel they hire. 

Being a lawyer these days means having to excel in your practice and in the time-consuming effort of business development. It should be easier for great lawyers to get noticed for the work they do and be discovered by those who need their expertise.  We want Habeas Corp. to enable the best lawyers in the world to get found and grow their practice.


Our Team


Habeas Corp. was founded by a team of legal technology executives and engineers in San Francisco and New York. The team previously founded the legal industry's leading recruiting platform.